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Walk-Through Registration (Membership Drive)

Walk-Through Registration is SPA’s best opportunity to introduce itself to every family in the Stanton Community. It’s during this event that we can present each of the programs and events that SPA supports, pique their interests, and ask for volunteers.

The official purpose of the Walk Through Registration is for parents to turn in their registration paperwork to the school, a required step to registering at Stanton. But, it’s at Registration that many parents can learn more about Walkathon, the Sock Hop, Box Tops, FAME, Music4Minors, Spectrum Science, and the Stanton Parents Association, just to name a few. This is also an opportunity for many families to make a donation to SPA’s general fund. And, for about 1/5th of the Stanton families, it’s their very first impression of the our school community.

The event starts the week before the start of the school year. Typically, there are two time frames, one in the morning, one in the early evening; in order to be convenient for all families. It takes place in the Multi Purpose Room, where many stations are setup for parents to give and receive information. Some of these stations are for official school business, such as turning in forms and paperwork. Other stations are information, such as the stations for Box Tops or Walkathon. Over the years, we have tried different strategies to ensure a smooth and orderly experience for our parents, with different levels of success. We’re always looking for new ideas on how to make the event more information, more fun, and more convenient.

A successful event requires a Chairperson; someone who is organized, someone who is willing to coordinate with the Principal on logistics and planning, someone who will get volunteers to represent each program/station, or to provide guidance to parents.

In addition to a Chairperson, many volunteers are needed. A “cheerleader” for each program or event that SPA sponsors should be available to represent and solicit support. People who are able to help with translation support for families whose primary language is not English. And, people are needed to guide parents through registration and answer questions.

Interested in serving as the Walk Through Registration Chairperson, or being a volunteer? Let one of the SPA Board members know or reach out to

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