Joining a committee is a great way to get involved.  The Stanton Parents Association provides a range of services to Stanton Elementary. These fit broadly into several main categories:

Activities – SPA offers a wide range of family-friendly activities throughout the year to bring the community together and have fun. These include the Family Dance, the Sock Hop, and Movie Nights.

Fundraisers – SPA raises money for the school through several major fundraisers and many minor ones throughout the year. These include the Walk-a-Thon and the World’s Finest Chocolate sale.

Staff Support – SPA donates money to staff at the beginning of the year for school supplies and provides gifts and treats to the teachers and staff throughout the year to support them. The Hospitality Committee puts together these special treats for the teachers.

School Support – SPA provides volunteer time to clean up the school, provide volunteer instructional services and support and funds to provide or refurbish equipment that breaks down.

Community Outreach – SPA members work in the larger community to advocate for Stanton and its needs including transportation safety, attendance of District meetings, and advocacy for greater funding. Stanton also gives back to the community several times a year.

Organization, Communication & Engagement – SPA provides routine newsletters to parents, convenes meetings, maintains a calendar, website, and coordinates with clubs, staff, teachers and parents to keep everyone working together for Stanton.