Membership Drive

The Stanton Parents Association will hold it’s annual Membership Drive in conjunction with the Walk-Through Registration on August 7th, at Stanton Elementary.

For parents who are going through the registration process for the first time, here is some high level information for you. The Walk-Through Registration is where you will drop off the completed forms for your child, and it is a required step in the registration process.

For tips on how to navigate the registration process, please see our Tips for Registration blog post.

You will also get an opportunity to learn more about Stanton Elementary, and everything that the Stanton Parents Association does to support the school. We also ask some basic information from all parents as part of our Membership Drive.

To get a jump start on completing the SPA Membership Drive information, please complete the online form.

SPA uses this information in effort to best serve your children and the Stanton community. We take your privacy seriously, and would never share this information with a 3rd party. If you have any questions or concerns at any time, please reach out to one of our SPA Board Members