Volunteers Needed

We are actively looking for persons to volunteer for the following opportunities.  If you are at all interested, or think you might be interested, or just want more information, please email SPA at info@stantonspa.com.

Grant Writers– these people help us apply for grants for things from science in the classroom to playground equipment.  We have a great team, but we need more people with this kind of experience to share the load.  Last year, we got tens of thousands of dollars from grant writing.  Be a Stanton hero! Join the grants team!
FAME docents– we have many classes where FAME docents are still needed.  Without someone from each class to teach the lessons, many students won’t get this fun and educational hands-on opportunity.  The students really look forward to FAME and being a FAME teacher is rewarding and fun.  All the lesson materials are ready for you and all you do is schedule the lesson with your child’s teacher at a time that’s convenient to you, tell them some highlights from the lesson plan, and encourage them while they do an art project.  Easy peasy! 6 times a year.  Flexible scheduling. Opportunities to team up with other parents and share the role.
Music for Minors II teachers– The training for this role is free and you teach music lessons once a month in the class.  Kids love music! You have a lot of flexibility in the curriculum you teach with available resources and collaboration with other teachers. Opportunities to teach more than one class at school.
Auction solicitors – We have prepared letters and scripts to deliver to local businesses to ask for donations.  The annual auction is one of our biggest fundraisers of the year and we really need people to help us bring items in to support this fundraiser.  Time commitment is flexible.
Handymen and Handywomen – The school is always needing various small projects constructed or installed.  Currently, we need someone to organize the repainting of the school signs, but we also have dads who hang the fifth grade tiles each year, put up shelves, etc.  We would also love to upgrade our bulletin board in front of the school and would love to find a company or union to sponsor a new one.  If you’re handy, let us know!
Garden support – Mrs. Heidi Morgan runs Stanton’s garden, but could use some extra support.  Garden work parties need food delivered, we need a landscape company to provide routine maintenance, and we need co-organizers who can advocate for the garden and help to run events.
Recess support – We need more staff on site during recesses to monitor children and help them play productively.  There are some paid positions for this!
After school support – for our after school clubs, we could use some parents to be on site and assist with certain clubs.  There are teachers for each club, but parents can act as backup to help ensure the learning environment is maintained.
Sun safety week– we need someone to run a sun safety week, so we will be eligible to apply for future grant funding to upgrade our school’s playground with shade structures! Flexible scheduling.
Red ribbon week – Red ribbon week is an anti-bullying week, focused around “bucket filling”, which is essentially showing empathy and kindness to fellow students.  Activities include poster making by each class and getting out positive messages to the school. Only one week a year, plus some organizational time.
Green ribbon week – every year, Stanton gets a substantial donation from Waste Management by participating in recycling, waste auditing and other waste reduction activities.  Help us bring this donation to Stanton by running this program for us.  Flexible scheduling.
Financial guru – SPA needs to look into financial planning this year, including how to make strategic investments of reserve capital to grow our spending power over time. We could use someone to research and advise on this.
Thanksgiving food drive – we need a parent to organize a canned food/dry food donation over a couple of weeks in November, plus coordinate delivery to local food bank/church.  Other charities throughout the year could be considered by this person for a couple of events a year. Or, we could consider events that would provide a share to stanton and a share to another charity (preferably those that benefit children in the local community).
Teacher engagement nights – it would be great to increase collaboration with teachers through regular events (paint night, bowling night, etc) as a social with SPA board members and active parents.
Reading Incentive Programs – Is reading for fun your passion? We need you! Help us with our reading incentive events at school. They include Friday Flag Reading Incentive, Pizza Hut’s Book It program, Six Flags Reading Incentive, Battle of the Books, and more.